Symmetrical Art


Symmetrical Art (10)

Travis has done so many crafts at camp that it felt like a while since we’d sat down just to paint together. We amended that this morning with a craft intended to follow up on recent fun with symmetry.

First he folded a piece of paper in half, very importantly made a nice crease, and opened it back up again.

Symmetrical Art (6)

I squirted out big blobs of paint near the center crease, according to his preference. “Red, and orange, and blue!” he instructed.

Symmetrical Art (1)

He smeared them all together, noting the way the blobs ran together, made new colors (purple!), and got super smeary.

Symmetrical Art (2)

Now we folded the paper over again, smooshing the paint inside. We opened it back up for a neat symmetrical reveal. “I made a footprint!” he said.

Symmetrical Art (3)

He loved it so much that he immediately requested to use the second piece of paper I’d folded. This time he chose a different set of colors, including light blue, yellow, and black.

Symmetrical Art (4)

Blob blob blob and smoosh smoosh smoosh and we opened it up again.

Symmetrical Art (5)

He thought this one looked like Darth Vader’s mask – even cooler!

Symmetrical Art (7)

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