Marshmallow Snowman Stamping

Marshmallow Snowman Stampers (7)

If your toddler loves dot markers, then edible dot markers are even better! To wit, all you need to make this craft are large marshmallows. We love the vegan ones from Dandies.

Marshmallow Snowman Stampers (1)

I set out a plate of the marshmallows along with a dish of white paint and black construction paper. I showed Veronika how to dip one end of a marshmallow in the paint and then onto the paper. It made a perfect circle!

Marshmallow Snowman Stampers (2)

Indeed, this craft was all about circles. The marshmallows make little circle prints, and if you help your toddler slightly, you’ll end up with three circles for a snowman: small, medium, and large. I highly recommend having a few marshmallows on the side just for eating so you can avoid paint on little tongues. Veronika loved snacking while we crafted!

Marshmallow Snowman Stampers (5)

The craft was easiest for her if I stamped an outline of the snowman first, which she then could fill in with her marshmallow stamp.

Marshmallow Snowman Stampers (3)

Once the paint dried, I cut out a few features from construction paper to glue down, like top hats, carrot noses, and tree branch arms. Add any final details with marker.

Marshmallow Snowman Stampers (6)

Why did we paint our snowmen on a black background? Because we finished the day with a read of Snowmen at Night, a book about all the silly things snowmen might get up to after dark. Hot cocoa and snowball fights? Yes please!

Marshmallow Snowman Stampers (8)


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