Brown Paper Bag Owl Puppets

Paper Bag Owl Puppets (7)

My kids love to play a game together involving a stuffed animal owl, so I knew they would go nuts for these easy owl puppets. We made two so that each sibling would have an owl to fly around.

To start, you’ll need two lunch-sized brown paper bags (ideally without any company writing on the front, but oh well…). I then cut out various features from colored construction paper, including triangle beaks, three sizes of circles for eyes, and a brown cut-out for each belly.

Paper Bag Owl Puppets (1)

Travis loved helping glue down all the pieces with a glue stick, especially the three-layered eyes.

Paper Bag Owl Puppets (4)

We added feather markings to the bellies with orange marker.

Paper Bag Owl Puppets (6)

And that quickly, the owls were ready to play.

Paper Bag Owl Puppets (2)

It was safe to say that the kids thought these puppets were a hoot!


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