Paper Plate Bow Wreath

Paper Plate Wreath (7)

Toddlers love tissue paper projects any time of year, but this is a fun way to play with the material around the holidays!

I cut the center out of two paper plates and then helped Veronika squeeze glue all around the outer rim.

Paper Plate Wreath (1)

Next I set out cut squares of green tissue paper and showed her how to attach them over the glue. Veronika loved how easy this was to do, despite getting sticky a few times.

Paper Plate Wreath (2)

I then gave her circles of red tissue paper and she repeated the task, placing them over dots of glue I had made at intervals on the wreath.

Paper Plate Wreath (4)

That was it! Add a pretty red bow and it’s ready to hang.

Paper Plate Wreath (6)

As a bonus, Veronika loved playing with leftover scraps of green tissue paper for a while.

Paper Plate Wreath (3)

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