St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

St. Patrick's Wreath (8)

Here’s a pretty front door decoration for St. Patrick’s Day, with steps that kids can help out with, too! This is a riff on a similar wreath we made for Valentine’s Day, and the inspiration for both is care of the ever-fabulous Hands on as We Grow.

To start, you’ll need a cardboard circle as the base. A pizza box would have been ideal, but I used poster board and hot glued two layers together for added durability, since we had no pizza in the house.

I then set out a plate of green paint along with squares of green and orange tissue paper (for the colors of the Irish flag). As I wadded up each tissue square into a little “flower”, I handed it to Veronika. Her job was to dip in the green paint!

St. Patrick's Wreath (2)

We made dollops of glue on the white wreath background and pressed down the flowers. She loved helping with the glue even more than the paint. I left a little of the white cardboard showing, too, as the third color of the Irish flag.

St. Patrick's Wreath (4)

While the glue and paint were drying, I also cut hearts from green construction paper. Three hearts taped together become a shamrock! These made a nice touch here and there on the wreath.

St. Patrick's Wreath (6)

Finally, I cut strands of orange and green ribbon and hot-glued onto the back of the wreath, then looped over the hook on our front door.

St. Patrick's Wreath (7)

Here’s wishing you the luck of the Irish this St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick's Wreath (9)


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