Paper Plate Chick

Paper Plate Chick (5)

Spring is in the air, which always has us thinking of baby animals, especially little yellow chicks! This particular chick craft doubles as a handprint memento of your toddler.

To start, I squirted yellow fingerpaint into a cup and Veronika helped paint a paper plate. “I’m painting!” she said so proudly.

Paper Plate Chick (1)

Imagine her surprise when I took a paintbrush and painted some of that yellow right onto her palm. Press down onto white paper and repeat with the other hand. “I left a paw print!” she said, referencing her current favorite show, Blue’s Clues.

Paper Plate Chick (2)

Let the paint dry, then cut the handprints out and use tape or glue to attach to either side of the paper plate, forming the wings. I taped a few feathers onto the back of the plate, as well, so they would stick up from the top.

Paper Plate Chick (4)

Only a few final details were needed now: a little scrap of feather for a beak, two wiggle eyes, and orange marker for legs.


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