Fun up the Pretend Play

Movie Scene (4)

Travis loves to play with his Legos, but sometimes even his imagination needs a boost. When boredom struck today, I challenged him to have his favorite characters hold a “ceremony”. You could do this game with just about any toy your child love, whether that means dolls, stuffed animals, action figures, or something else.

Travis chose to have a coronation ceremony to proclaim one of his Legos as king. If that doesn’t interest your child, you could also suggest weddings, birthdays, or other big celebrations as the “ceremony” of choice.

Coronation (2)

To start he wanted to set up a throne and a long hallway for the royal procession. Other Legos would be the bystanders of course, and the new king needed guards.

Coronation (4)

All hail the king!

Coronation (7)

You can make this game as elaborate as your child wants, adding music, props, and lots of fanfare. Veronika was so jealous that we quickly built a throne for Queen Bunny, too!

Coronation (5)

After this round of imaginative play had the creative juices flowing, we upped the ante: challenge your children to act out a scene not with toys but with their own bodies!

The easiest way to do this, unless your child knows a particular movie by heart, is to set a favorite scene playing in the background and act along with it. In short order, we had the following cast from The Mandalorian:

Dad: Mando

Mom: Fennec

Travis: Boba Fett

Veronika: Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda had to sit in the center of a meditation rock.

Movie Scene (1)

Uh oh, Baby Yoda lost interest quickly, so a prop stood in, instead.

Movie Scene (2)

Travis loved imitating poses and hearing us get into character with our lines. This activity was such a novelty, and is a sure way to perk up your child’s pretend play no matter what day of the week!

Movie Scene (3)


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