Coffee Filter Bunny

Coffee Filter Bunny (6)

Easter comes early this year (April 4), which means Veronika and I are turning our attention to all things Easter crafts even though it’s still March. This adorable bunny craft was a great one to make as we talked about the Easter bunny.

Coffee Filter Bunny (1)

To start, set out white coffee filters and let your toddler decorate with dot markers. These are perfect for toddlers because the bright bold colors appear with just a little tap.

Coffee Filter Bunny (3)

While she was dotting, I traced bunny shapes onto brown cardstock. You’ll need a circle with two long ears for the bunny’s head, as well as four ovals for paws.

Coffee Filter Bunny (4)

Veronika loved seeing the design once it was laid out against white paper. “He has paws!” she said with delight. She helped use a glue stick to secure the little bunny down.

Coffee Filter Bunny (5)

Draw on a few final features and your Easter bunny is ready to hop! I did this part for Veronika, but preschoolers can use markers to make color on the faces and ears by themselves.


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